About DAaZ

DAaZ is a famous international designer and manufacturer of fine furniture. It has its own manufacturing plants, design studios, architects and designers, as well as showrooms and exhibitions. DAaZ is a recognizable brand around the world, and operates for more than 10 years. There are more than 60 stores around the world, with dealerships in the Philippines, Dubai, China, Japan, Taiwan, UAE, and Korea.

DAaZ is committed not only to superlative aesthetic and functional design, but also to environmental responsibility. This plan makes sustainable design a reality for DAaZ.

Who We Are


Jazz and design have a number of things in common. Much like the characteristic of jazz music, our furniture design conveys freedom, harmony, rhythm and even improvisation.

Ray-Kim, director of DAaZ, creates new concepts for furniture, spaces and ultimately a lifestyle idea. Ray-Kim’s designs are free-formed with touches of improvised runs and riffs, much like the spontaneous sound of jazz. This has always been the inspiration and ideology behind his designs for DAaZ.


Design inspiration comes from the real world—from roadside stones and tree branches to city streets and buildings. All of it inspired her every piece for DAaZ. It is connecting the idea of freedom to the reality of today’s living. Life is the main source of inspiration for DAaZ’ modernly charming look.


Every little piece of everything in the world has a story to tell. Those stories are what Raymon always tries to find, and, via his designs, tell an even grander story. Those stories take time to be discovered, but once they have been found, Raymon uses them as inspiration to put together beautiful living spaces.